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If you think of something that is not related to both, leave it out of the paragraph; maybe you need a new paragraph for that information. Read each of the paragraphs you wrote to complete introducing quotes in essays the topic sentences. The thesis states the main idea, or focus, of the essay. The rest of the essay should give evidence and explanations that show why or how your thesis is true.

Sample Paragraph 4

Thus, small colleges are better than large universities for many students. Big cars are safer than small cars for two reasons.

Finally, a concluding sentence would wrap up the paragraph, summarizing the main idea and allowing for a transition to the next section of the essay. Your body paragraph needs to describe the controlling idea presented in your topic sentence.

What is a Topic Sentence?

Elaboration— This impression of piranhas is exacerbated by their mischaracterization in popular media. The Washington Monument is divided into three main areas. The lowest section of the building houses the entrance, a gift shop, and a restaurant.

  1. As a result, the listeners are more motivated to take action and to take a stand.
  2. A sentence in the middle part of the paragraph that helps explain, enhance, or prove the topic sentence.
  3. Essentially, your topic sentences should state both a topic and your opinion or point of view about that topic.
  4. It will be easy to summarise the paragraphs used in the article.
  5. A large number of fish may be trapped in a single pool, and if they are hungry, they may attack anything that enters the water.
  6. The bold sentence is one possible topic sentence for the example paragraph.
  7. This paper will discuss the likelihood of the Democrats winning the next election.

On your own paper, write one example of each type of concluding sentence based on a topic of your choice. A good topic sentence contains both a topic and a controlling idea or opinion. This section covers the major components of a paragraph and examines how to develop an effective topic sentence. In this example, you can see how the phrases “the first” and “the second” help the reader follow the organization of the ideas in the paragraph. About the economy is how it “plays a role in an increase” in opioid addition. The signal word “also” connects this topic as an additional example or contributing factor to the opioid epidemic, the focus of the paper.

Exercise: Identify concluding sentences

Plan the ideas you want to include to support your topic and controlling idea. Make sure each detail supports both the topic and the controlling idea.

  1. See the version of this article at a basic reading level.
  2. Here are some great examples of outstanding controlling ideas.
  3. For guidance on formatting citations, please see theUNC Libraries citation tutorial.
  4. A documentary can also be an excellent source of acquiring information for research about a specific subject.
  5. 6When she finished her bachelor’s degree, she got married to Tom, whom she met during a trip to Dallas.

This will allow us to create a second draft that more tightly adheres to the final controlling idea. As we create our story, our controlling idea should guide every sentence we write. As you can see, the controlling idea expresses a specific opinion, viewpoint, or focus.

What is a Paragraph?

Just a value and no cause is like a thesis statement with no evidence. As such, it’s important to give a compelling reason why your value/claim happens. Writing a screenplay is a lot like building a house. It is done piece by piece, each step builds upon another, and the final project must be structurally sound to last.

  1. This curry is usually the choice of people who eat Thai food for the first time.
  2. If the fish are well-fed, they won’t bite humans.
  3. However, it should be specific enough that the reader can understand the paragraph’s main subject and point.
  4. In conclusion, the United States has many sports practiced and followed.
  5. Just a value and no cause is like a thesis statement with no evidence.

The sentences that explain your topic sentence are called supporting sentences. You can have many types of supporting sentences. Supporting sentences can give examples, explanations, details, descriptions, facts, reasons, etc. After reading this paragraph, were you able to identify the controlling idea or main types of hooks writing point for the paragraph? Well, you probably knew the paragraph would be about humor. That’s a start, but it doesn’t tell you very much. The other sentences in the paragraph don’t seem to relate well to the topic sentence either, so the topic sentence wasn’t specific enough to control the supporting sentences.

Story Theme: Definition and Examples for a Controlling Idea

You can change some vocabulary words for synonyms or change the part of speech. Last year, I was referred to a specialist and finally found a way to control my anxiety—breathing how to quote an article in an essay exercises. This section identifies the three major structural parts of a paragraph and covers how to develop a paragraph using transitional words and phrases.

  1. This section covers the major components of a paragraph and examines how to develop an effective topic sentence.
  2. The unrealistic demands of union workers are crippling the economy for three main reasons.
  3. Click on the underlined segment of the topic sentence that contains the controlling idea.
  4. Using your own paper, write a paragraph on a topic of your choice.
  5. It is the change the AUTHOR is trying to evoke in the reader.

Private colleges and universities are usually more expensive because they do not get money from taxes. Meanwhile, some other colleges and universities are public. It means the citizens of each state pay some of the costs through their taxes so that public colleges are cheaper for students to attend. However, you can get a good education no matter which type of college you attend – public or private. Even if your controlling idea is good, if it has too many moving parts, it will still make writing your script rather difficult. One of the best and easiest ways to determine your controlling idea is to work backwards from your story’s end goal. In fact, he usually shows up five minutes early everywhere he goes.

Examples of Persuasive Controlling Ideas: Claims

An informative topic sentence is often found in scientific articles. Now take the answers from the two previous steps and insert them here to build your controlling idea. The bold sentence is one possible topic sentence for what is the main characteristic of narrative writing the example paragraph. The topic is "having a first child" and the controlling idea is "significant adjustments in your life." The topic is "teen pregnancy may be prevented" and the controlling idea is "improved education."

If you thought the purpose of this essay was to give information, you didn't understand the task. what is the first step to creating an informative essay The purpose was to persuade the principal to let your club hold the dance in the school.


The real content of the sandwich—the meat or other filling—is in the middle. It includes all the evidence you need to make the point. But it gets kind of messy to eat a sandwich without any bread. Your readers don’t know what to do with all the evidence you’ve given them.

  1. ” to emphasize the need for more tolerance and understanding.
  2. An important point to remember is that the topic sentence should contain all relevant information that’s going to be in the paragraph.
  3. Circle the main idea and underline the controlling idea in each of the following topic sentences.
  4. The last sentence of this paragraph is the topic sentence.
  5. This lesson about paragraphs, topics, and controlling ideas describes a model paragraph or a “perfect” paragraph.
  6. It is also possible that a sentence could do more than one of these.
  7. An effective topic sentence combines a main idea with the writer’s personal attitude or opinion.

Heaving herself up the stairs, Luella had to pause for breath several times. She let out a wheeze as she sat down heavily in the wooden rocking chair. Tao approached her cautiously, as if she might crumble at the slightest touch. He studied her face, like parchment; stretched across the bones so finely he could almost see right through the skin to the decaying muscle underneath. It seems so simple, but by doing just a few breathing exercises a couple of hours before an exam, I gradually got my anxiety under control.

Step Process to Develop an Illustration Paragraph

Each of the paragraphs in this exercise has three possible topic sentences following it. Choose the best one and make sure that it includes the main idea of the paragraph. It is the topic sentence for that paragraph of supporting detail, which will, no doubt, go on to tell of the varieties of fruits and vegetables and the benefits of eating them. The main ideaor the controlling idea or the central ideais still expressed in the sentence, A well-balanced diet is a key to good health. The topic sentence should not be too general or too specific. When considering the options, look for a topic sentence that is general enough to show the paragraph’s main idea instead of just one of its details.

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